Stacked stone panels

Nowadays stacked stone panels are very popular. The panels are compound of different quartzite tiles, very suitable to cover the fireplace surfaces, living room and bedroom wall surfaces, as well as the outside walls. This kind of cladding is not only visually likable, but it is also very durable and mechanically resistant due to the geological structure of the quartzite. 

Cream Quartzite - F

25,20 €/m2

White Quartzite - F

29,50 €/m2

Beige Quartzite - F

32,30 €/m2

Black Quartzite - E

44,80 €/m2

Black Quartzite - B

49,50 €/m2

White Quartzite - W

56,40 €/m2

Beige Quartzite - M1

52,30 €/m2